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major_lornefans's Journal

Fans of Major Marcus Lorne aka Kavan Smith
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This com is for fans who adore and admire Kavan Smith aka Major Lorne from the scifi show Stargate Atlantis.
About Major Lorne/Kavan Smith
Welcome to the first Community for Major Marcus Lorne als known as Kavan Smith.Kavan plays Major Lorne on the hit show Stargate Atlantis.He plays a millitary officer sent by Stargate Command.Kavan is a well known actor and admired by fans for his performances on tv and in movies.If you adore him and want to talk about him then you've come to the right place for fans who love Malor Lorne then heres the place to be.Enjoy and hope u have a great time hanging here.
The Rules
1. Play nice. NO bashing and NO put downs of other members, the community, the site, other sites, Joe Flanigans, other actors...etc. Bascially just RESPECT each other.

2. This can not be reiterated enough. LJ-CUT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! [For More info about lj-cut click here] It is very important to put ANY SPOILER information for the current seasons for Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG-1 behind an LJ-cut. Especially since the airing dates for episodes all over the world are different.

3. Images, icons, and wallpapers are encouraged! So please share them with your fellow fans!

Image posting rules:

Larger images such as wallpapers, or multiple screen caps, or even mass amounts of Lj-icons sould be behind an LJ-cut as well. This will be greatly appreciated by members who are on dial-up.

If you are posting more than four icons, feel free to leave the first three out, but please put the remainder under a cut for the above reason.

4. If you are going to post fanfiction, please use the following format:

Author's Notes:
< lj-cut text="FIC UNDER THE CUT">
< /lj-cut >

I'm pretty open to whatever fics and pairings anyone wants to post as long as it deals with our favorite actor,Kavan Smith . ;) Just remember to Respect each other and each other's preferences.

6. So far these are all the rules I can think of at the moment.

Hopefully with the particpation and co-operation of everyone we can have fun and share our love for Kavan Smith.

I look forward to everyone's participation and co-operation! So enough with the boring stuff and let's all just have fun!

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